All designs are created on handlooms in our studio, meaning we have full control over the design process.

Trend Led Seasonal Collections- Woven designs in a range of weights applicable for womenswear, interiors- couture & PAP. Exclusive copyright and technical information included. Available for viewing at Premiere Vision Paris, Heimtextil Frankfurt and by appointment.

Commission Design Sampling - We can work on a specific brief to translate ideas into woven design. We offer woven sampling and digital work to develop any concept into a mill ready woven design.

Commission Weaving - Available for specific projects/collaborations; this includes couture woven lengths for the fashion market, interior projects, rug weaving and bespoke wall hangings. Short runs up to 20metres length, 38” width.

What we’re working with…

George Wood Dobby Loom and Harris Table Looms.

Double beam available, allows a wide range of counts (5-120epi) 16 shafts.

Sustainable yarns: Locally sourced wool, recycled polyester, peace silk, organic cotton GOTS certified merino and linen, recycled denim and a mix of mill waste and off-cuts repurposed as fancy yarns.

Please enquire for specific projects, outsourcing is available.

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