our story

At Studio Bodhi we create trend-driven, sustainable textile designs for Interior and Fashion markets. Our mission is to promote the use of sustainable materials in design, build close relationships with suppliers and offer a transparent supply chain to our clients. We BELIEVE in a hands-on approach in our design process from concept to the final outcome. this means we can be more creative when bringing your concept to life.

Sustainability is the starting point in our design process. it is vital for us to explore new sustainable materials on the market. We ensure all of our warps are made from 100% sustainable materials. To find out which materials we use, check out our suppliers Page.


Studio Bodhi is the creation of Bristol based designers tash Moss and Rebecca Smith, who met at the University of Brighton whilst specialising in woven design.

We both spent some time in the textile industry and Share an understanding of the environmental issues that the market faces today. Our aim is to incorporate sustainable materials into innovative hand woven collections which are viable for large scale manufacturing.